Welcome to Boso Bamboo Boutique!


* Located on Main Street in Wolfville and in the Bedford Sunnyside Mall *

Boso Bamboo Boutique is the only store in Atlantic Canada in which its entire product assortment is made from sustainable bamboo. Boso is committed to sourcing the most stylish eco-friendly bamboo clothing lines for all members of your family, while making all effort to provide Canadian-made garments and products as a priority.


Bamboo Sheet Sets

Made of 100% rayon from bamboo sateen. Environmentally friendly, silky soft, lightweight and luxurious.
Hypoallergenic and antibacterial.
Starting at $99.99


Bamboo Towels

These towels are highly absorbent, naturally antibacterial, and anti static  and luxuriously soft. Made from 100% rayon from bamboo.
Starting at $6.99


Bath Robes

Highly absorbent, naturally antibacterial and antistatic and luxuriously soft. Terry loops are of bamboo and it’s backing from cotton. $89.99


438 Main Street, Wolfville N.S. (902) 542-7868
Sunnyside Mall, Bedford N.S. (902) 835-0408